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Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, applesauce and low fat milk. oooh. why is this news? >> new guidelines thanks to michelle obama, michelle obama school lunch calorie limits. >> michelle obama nutritional school lunches. >> jon: oh, man, oh, right, that's right. because this isn't really about food or kids. it's about big government uber thanny michelle obama who if she said we feed clean air half the country would demand gills because freedom! listen the complaint. >> the usda shouldn't be deciding how many calories we take or how many calories we expend during the day. at some point it personal responsibility, i'm talking about. >> jon: this is america, jack. just because uncle sam is buying me lunch doesn't mean he request tell me what to eat-- he can tell me what to eat. by the way, how do you feel about this. >> the issue should you be able to use, be allowed to use an abd card i food stamp card at a mcdonald's. >> i would rather have my tax dollar going a family buying stuff at costco and bulk. >> jon: right, because this is america, jack! if uncle sam is paying for the meal, uncle sam gets to tell where you to eat.
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Sep 4, 2012 11:00am PDT
and msnbc outside. >> michelle obama's got the big job tonight. give us the stuff you don't need. like nightclubs and steaks. >> jon: and that was after they put up the windscreen. pat buchanan gave his report before the windscreen. >> jon: that's a mexican-built wall. a look to the future of the democratic party and what vision of a victorious tomorrow would be complete without the ghosts of yesterday's losers. mcgovern, mondale, kerry, and, of course, michael dukakis. oh, michael dukakis. if only you had let america see you dance. last night's emotional highlight, the dramatic appearance of senator ted kennedy who apparently arrived in denver via scooner. despite having brain surgery less than two months ago he looked great and delivered an impassioned speech that brought the house down. even the most jaded political observers were impressed. >> the kennedy thing is the most emotional i have ever seen. >> you're going to be moved by that -- you couldn't be a human being, i don't care if you're a democrat or a republican. >> i don't care if you're some kind of bizarre alien from a dis
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Sep 6, 2012 10:55am PDT
? >> yes. >> jon: how has it been going so far with you? >> i thought michelle obama was amazing last night. did you guys think she was amazing? (cheers and applause) incredible! so moving. such a beautiful speech. >> jon: how does it feel in... you know, it will be 10,000, 15,000 people in there. how does it feel in that hall because obviously we can't get passes. (laughter) so was it very emotional for the people in the theater? >> well, i watched her speech from television and... >> jon: oh, you don't have passes? (laughter) >> (laughs) (laughter). >> jon: i will work on that for you. i will get you some passes. >> but they showed all the women crying. she really connected with people and talked about everyday people and their struggles and what it means to be... what her values are, what president obama's values are. i thought it was amazing. >> it's interesting, too, because within there there's all this talk about there's not that much enthusiasm for the democrats but when you watch it on television-- and i was just down in tampa, there seemed to be a palpable electricity that was som
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Sep 5, 2012 10:55am PDT
carter, first lady michelle obama and congressional candidate joaquin castro and his twin brother san antonio mayor julian castro. i mean call me racist but i cannot tell these hispanics apart. [laughter] folks. the whole thing is just sad, it's just sad. every time the republicans have a convention it's like the democrats have to have one too. [laughter] but it's not going to work this time around. just ask rnc chairman reince priebus. >> today the thrill and pixy dust of barack obama's presidency is gone. americans feel no hope, democrats are dispirited enthusiasm is clearly on the republican side. >> stephen: yes. [laughter] yes. we have all the enthusiasm. [laughter] mitt romney's our candidate, and there's no changing that now. [laughter] folks, this convention is about more than the presidency. it's about motivating democrats to hold on to the senate and try to take back the house. to do that, they're gonna need strong congressional candidates, which brings me to the 67th in stallment of my 434-part series better know a district. tonight, new york's ninth, the fighting ninth. [
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Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of deval patrick. the lo qua shouldness of uno e dual and michelle obama who crushed it so hard republicans were desperate to change the subject. >> republicans are now blasting the democrat's platform. >> why would they remove that jerusalem should be the capital imof israel. >> the word god was gone. the one reference before, the republicans had 12 references of god. >> how there can be an entire section on faith if you don't mention god with. what do we have faith in. >> i have faith in a god without isn't so insecure he doesn't freak out if you don't mention his name enough. god is not a media figure, you know. god isn't like an inside the beltway media figure who first thing they do when they get a book is check their index for the names. god doesn't do that that is weird you mentioned trees and saving the earth but you don't mention the guy who created the whole thing, i mean, all i'm saying is whatever, guys. (laughter) that was my impression of god. (laughter) and not very good. but guess what, democrats aren't going to get sucked into that game. didn't you hear deval patrick. >> it
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)